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We are proud to provide grants to individuals, families and organisations in the Fulham area.



  • We supply essential items to Fulham residents on low incomes who may be referred by local welfare agencies or who may apply direct

  • We give grants for running costs, or for projects, to organisations who are helping local people in need

  • We support summer schemes for children who would not otherwise have a break during the summer holidays

Please click on the map to check if you fall withing our area of giving > 

Fulham Benefit Area Map

Fulham Benefit Area Map by


1. Check area of benefit

Check that the help you intend to request will relate only to individuals or families that live within our area of benefit by clicking the map above.

If your request does not relate to this area, it will not be accepted.


However, if you are hoping for assistance for an organisation which works across boundaries we may be able to meet a proportion of the request, depending on the proportion of your client group that live within qualifying postcodes.

2. Check criteria is met

We may give grants for the following:

1. Relief for individuals in severe need (meaning where extreme hardship is being endured)

2. Support for locally focused organisations for projects addressing poverty issues/relief in need.

3. Summer schemes for local children (particularly those under the age of 11)

3. Complete application

If you feel you may be in a position to apply, click the relevant box below to read more information, access the right form, and have the best chance of submitting a successful application. 

In any case, you MUST submit an application with the contact details of the person who filled in the form as well as the contact details of the person or organisation who will receive the grant, if it is awarded.

4. Send Application

After we have checked your submitted application, we will be in touch.

We will collect the information we need to decide whether the request can go forward to a Committee Meeting of trustees. If it does, it will be submitted to a further meeting of trustees, at which a decision will be made.


You will be informed of a decision as soon as possible, but please note that we are a small charity and we receive a high volume of applications.  


Committee Dates are listed below.


Relief in Need

Our Relief in Need grants are given to people on low incomes (which usually means they are receiving state benefits).  We award supply  for essential items of daily living including kitchen appliances, furniture and flooring.


If you are a voluntary organisation or community group providing services and activities for Fulham people on low incomes, you can apply for project funding either for a one-off grant or for a grant towards running costs.

Holiday Schemes

If you are offering a play or holiday scheme during school holidays for local children who would not otherwise enjoy a break, you can apply for financial support.


Relief in Need 

Applications are considered at monthly meetings, please be aware that it can take 4-6 weeks for us to process your application. 


If you are submitting an application from an organisation that we have supported previously, it is likely to take 4-6 weeks to process your application.  For organisations that are new to us, it will take longer and we will advise you of the timeline.

Summer Schemes  -  May 2024

Applications must be received by the 30 April 2024.

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