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Our Relief in Need grants are given to people on low incomes (usually they are receiving state benefits) for essential items of daily living.



IMPORTANT - Please read this guidance carefully before you make an application

Our online application form is designed to be easy to use.  Please answer all the questions and at the end press submit to send the form to us.  In most cases where an application is agreed, we will provide one or two items only so please think carefully about what you need.   

Relief in Need grants are for essential items of daily living including kitchen appliances, furniture and flooring.  You will need to explain why you need an item.  Anything you tell us about your personal situation will be kept confidential and any information you provide us will be kept safe and only used in order for us to assess your application.

Someone will call you about your application and we will need to then collect evidence of your proof of identity and also your income.  We may also arrange a visit to come and see you.


We also ask that you get in touch with Local Support Payments or 020 7745 6464 before making an application as you may be entitled to help from LBHF. 

There are somethings that we don't fund:  

  • cash grants

  • clothing (except school uniform)

  • utility bills or debts

  • funerals

  • wheelchairs or electric scooters

  • computer equipment unless you are housebound

  • dishwashers unless there is a medical need 

  • items that government, local government, or other agencies are required to provide by law

  • grants to homeowners

If you are in doubt about whether we will help fund the item you wish to apply for, then please email us at . In our form you will find listed the items we usually fund.  We do occasionally make exceptions in certain circumstances. 


Please follow click on the links below to access the right application form.  If you are currently being supported by a social worker, housing officer, charity or other agency, then please ask them to complete the agency form on your behalf.  We can accept applications from individuals, but these take much longer to process.  

Once you have submitted form please note that it can take up to four weeks before someone gets in touch - we are small charity with part time staff members.




*Agencies applying on behalf of individuals need to ensure that all the appropriate checks are made with regard to income, residential status, and general suitability. Invalid or incomplete applications will cause frustration and delay, and may even result in us being unable to process requests.

If you have difficulty accessing the form, please contact



Please be aware of the following exclusions:

  • We do not normally help those who are homeowners

  • We do not help those not in our area of benefit

  • We do not give cash grants

  • We do not give grants retrospectively or pay arrears on utility bills

  • We do not provide funds for funerals

  • We do not provide wheelchairs or electric scooters

  • We do not provide computer equipment of any sort, unless you are housebound

  • We do not provide dishwashers unless there is a medical need 

  • We do not provide items that government, local government, or other agencies are required to provide by law

  • We do not usually provide item where the individual purchase value is less than £15.

Please note: if we can't help, there may still be people who can. The Advice Station website gives a great deal of up to date information about where you can get help with all kinds of things, and Local Support Payments may be a scheme which will help those people who are outside of our benefit area (Fulham only) to get some of the things you/they require. Some examples of other organisations you might try are listed in a Word document accessible by clicking here.

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