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If you are offering a play or holiday scheme during school holidays for local children who would not otherwise enjoy a break, you can apply for financial support.



The Trustees welcome applications from any organisation or local group, whether registered as a charity or not, that can show that the grant requested will help people on low incomes who live within the Charity’s area of benefit.


Although the Trustees can fund projects and organisations that include people from outside Fulham they can only give money to cover the costs of the Fulham people involved.


Please visit our website to check when our meetings are and deadlines for submitting applications.


The Charity’s grants can only be used for the purpose for which they were requested and are given on the condition that the Trustees are sent a full report at the end of the funding period to show how the money was used and what benefits it brought to the group of beneficiaries.


You can ask the charity to match funding raised from other sources but not for any purpose for which funding is available from central or local government.


The charity does not respond to general funding appeals or give grants for trips outside the United Kingdom.



There is no restriction on the amount you can request but all grants are made at the Trustees’ discretion after full consideration of each application and you cannot appeal against their decision.  Grants are normally made for one year.


Organisational grant applications can be made with the application form below.


Holiday scheme application form



Please be aware of the following exclusions:

  • We do not normally help those who are homeowners

  • We do not help those not in our area of benefit

  • We do not give cash grants (unless they are to be administered by an agency)

  • We do not give grants retrospectively or pay arrears on utility bills

  • We do not provide funds for funerals

  • We do not provide wheelchairs or electric scooters

  • We do not provide computer equipment of any sort, unless you are housebound

  • We do not provide dishwashers unless there is a medical need 

  • We do not provide items that government, local government, or other agencies are required to provide by law

  • We do not usually provide items (other than clothing or books) where the individual purchase value is less than £15.

We prefer not to give grants where we receive repeat requests. (i.e. if we have already funded something, before.)

We are extremely unlikely to meet requests for which funding may be available from other places. This is inclusive of organizations who have large reserves, or who are not exploring a full range of alternative funding options.

Please note: if we can't help, there may still be people who can. Some examples of other organisations you might try are listed in the Word document you can access by clicking here.

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